The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is dedicated to protecting civil liberties both through public advocacy and, when necessary, litigation. But these methods would be wholly incomplete without a critical third component: public education. We believe the best way to defend our civil liberties is to arm every citizen with knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we view media and public education as the tools to accomplish this. We are therefore very proud of our strong record in the media, and our efforts to bring civil liberties issues to the forefront of public discourse. Below are links to a collection of recent articles about our organization and the work we do here in Nevada. Two articles review our long tradition of protecting civil rights in the Silver State, with a focus on protecting free speech rights in public places and our commitment to religious freedom and expression. An editorial from the Las Vegas Review-Journal praises our federal court victory against the implementation of Nevada's new sex offender laws, arguing that a victory for even the most unpopular individuals is a victory for the Constitution and every American. Finally, we include an article spotlighting our new Beverly and Jim Rogers Fellow, Judy Cox, who is an example of our organization's continued success and growth. The articles cover a gamut of civil liberties issues, but each of them is part of the critical civic conversation we must all engage in about civil rights and civil liberties in our lives.



Shortly after becoming executive director of the ACLU of Nevada in 1996, Gary Peck sat at a table with the group’s board of directors and listened as his newfound colleagues discussed a Las Vegas ordinance that made a stretch of Fremont Street practically private, prohibiting most First Amendment activities such as passing out leaflets. Read the full article here …



Listen to the pit bulls of talk radio for a while, and you'll hear the ACLU mentioned.

The lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union are almost without exception described as a bunch of infidels out to ruin all that's right with this God-fearing nation. They have the audacity to defend the constitutional rights of the undeserving: freaks and agitators and protesters and the kind of people who give normal folks the shivers.

That's the ACLU, a four-letter word to real Americans stirred to action by talk radio and right-wing punditry. That's all good for ratings and for fomenting fear, of course, but there's something wrong with that message. Read the full column here …


EDITORIAL: UPHOLDING OUR RIGHTS: Even sex offenders are entitled to protections of Constitution Las Vegas Review Journal


Even sex offenders are entitled to protections of Constitution Sex offenders are an unsympathetic lot, and deservedly so. But if the government is allowed to trample and shred the constitutional rights of even the tiniest, most shunned segment of the population, how long before authorities decide to take away yours? Read the full editorial here …


OTHER SIDE OF THE LINE: Judy Cox used to help put immigrants in jail. Now she defends their rights Amy Kingsley, Las Vegas City Life


It took only three years in the U.S. Border Patrol for former agent Judy Cox to see enough action to drive the plot of a major Hollywood movie. The high-speed chase across deadly Paisano Drive. The night she saved a drowning man. The wreck that destroyed her patrol car.


But her best stories don't reveal much about her decision to quit the force, enroll in law school and help the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada take up the cause of the immigrants she used to send back across the border. Read the full article here …


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