On August 26, the ACLU of Nevada responded to the lawsuit filed by the Police Protective Association (PPA) that attempts to stop all Coroner’s Inquests of officer-involved homicides in Clark County. The PPA, representing the first officers to be involved in a death since the new Coroner's Inquest process was implemented in December 2010, argues that the police officers rights are violated under the new Coroner's Inquest.

In response to the PPA, the ACLU of Nevada argues that the new Coroners Inquest process is not only constitutional, it is necessary to restore the public's trust in their officers.

The ACLU of Nevada has worked tirelessly on making the inquest process more open and transparent to the public after years of these investigations being held behind closed doors. We will continue to monitor these developments and ensure that the rights of the victims of officer-involved homicides and their families are recognized in the inquest process.

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