The ACLU of Nevada has released a formal position statement (PDF) on the U.S. Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services’ “A Review of Officer-Involved Shootings in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department” (2012 Report by the CNA consulting company).

The report researched and written by the CNA consulting company under contract with the federal Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Program, amounts to a series of technical suggestions. While the Report contains some valuable suggestions, overall it fails to adequately address the full range of serious problems faced by the Las Vegas community in relationship to Metro’s behavior. Moreover, given that COPS & CNA lack any enforcement tools, or associated authority, even the useful suggestions contained in the 2012 Report can readily be ignored. This result will only enhance community skepticism regarding any “good faith” effort of the police to reform themselves.

In addition, the COPS/CNA report on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: lacks neutrality; fails to reach out to the full range of community stakeholders; minimizes Metro’s problems; reaches beyond CNA’s professed areas of expertise; lacks transparency in how the report was prepared; fails to address officer accountability; includes very weak recommendations about Metro’s planned use of cameras; and lacks a clear path for implementation and assessment of effectiveness. Ultimately, the Report signifies a clear departure from the Department of Justice’s traditional role as the protector of the people.

Download and read the ACLU of Nevada's complete position statement: "Collaborative Reform Process or Abdication of Responsibility?" (PDF).