The ACLU of Nevada is very concerned about the chilling effect of subpoenas issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office seeking to unmask the government’s critics. People have the right to criticize the government, including anonymously, even if they do so in fiery terms. While true threats do not merit First Amendment protection, none of the comments posted on the Review-Journal’s website rise to that level. The Nevada ACLU feels strongly that the U.S. Attorney’s Office should not obtain information identifying any of the anonymous commenters, and is committed to fighting the subpoenas. Click here for a copy of the motion the ACLU of Nevada filed to quash the subpoena.

If you believe that your information may be targeted by the subpoenas, please contact the ACLU of Nevada’s General Counsel at 433-2666. Do NOT submit online intake forms, or contact other offices about this matter, and please do not leave any identifying information in any messages.