The ACLU of Nevada has called on Governor Gibbons to ensure that meetings of the Governor’s Education Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force are open to the public and members of the press. The ACLU fights for principles of open government, and works to ensure that citizens are able to monitor the operation of government and the deliberations of government officials.

In the ACLU’s view, Nevada’s Open Meeting Law, which reflects principles of open government, requires that advisory groups such as the Task Force hold meetings that are open to the public. More importantly, principles of open government dictate that Nevada’s citizens and members of the press have full access to government deliberations. This is especially important in this case because the Task Force is addressing education, an issue of vital importance and intense debate. The governor appointed the task force to comprehensively examine education in the state and to make recommendations to the Governor.

“Why shut the people of Nevada out of this process?,” asked Maggie McLetchie, Staff Attorney for the ACLU of Nevada. “ The public and the press should be able to monitor the government and meaningfully participate in the democratic process. Nevada’s Open Meeting Law reflects this guiding principle. It prohibits advisory groups that make recommendations affecting government policy from shrouding themselves in secrecy.

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