Anytime one of us cannot breathe, none of us can breathe.

The ACLU of Nevada mourns the loss of George Floyd at the hands of racist police officers in Minneapolis; we also mourn the loss of every other Black person that has died at the hands of police officers and people like Mahmoud Arberry, who was killed by racist vigilantes.

Right here in Southern Nevada, we mourn the loss of Byron Williams, Tashii Farmer, and other Black men who died at the hands of Las Vegas police officers. We mourn every Black life lost to racism, and the systemic policies infecting our systems of government and fueling the overt actions against supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement

We must resist the efforts to create narratives that undermine the voices on our streets seeking to dismantle racist policies that continue to result in the deaths of Black Americans. The voices on our streets since Friday are Nevadans — they are not outsiders. Elected officials and law enforcement must acknowledge these voices, listen to them, and engage in conversations about reform if we are to move forward as a community and country.

Many Nevadans have been hurt, arrested, and ignored throughout these protests. We want to do our part in ensuring that your voice is not suppressed. To do that, we want to help you tell your stories by publishing them and sharing them with elected officials. These stories will show what’s happened between police and protesters in our communities and facilitate the changes necessary to stop the racist laws and policies that lead to the deaths of Black people.

To participate, send your story and any pictures/videos you took and want to share to Narratives and images will be used for advocacy and may be published online and in reports. We will contact you before using any content you submit.

Please note that there is a separate process for submitting reports of civil rights violations to the legal department. Click here to report possible civil rights violations.