Several Times a Minute

That’s how many times your cellphone registers its location with cell networks – several times a minute. It’s just how cellphones work, and there’s no way to stop your phone from reporting its location while still getting a wireless signal.

Search and Seizure of Student's Medicine Bag

A student doesn’t lose the right to freedom of belief when he or she steps in school. Personal religious expression is protected from government interference through the Free Exercise Clause. Schools, as formative institutions, possess an affirmative obligation to not only adhere to these constitutional principles but also to cultivate respect for their practice.

Henderson Police Using License Plate Scanners

Nine police cars in Henderson are now equipped with extra eyes - license plate scanners. Each vehicle has four cameras, and they have the ability to scan one plate each second or nearly 30,000 plates in an 8 hour shift. The device compares the plates it scans to a database of “wanted” license plates. The police say that the scanner records a plate only if it’s a match in the system, but the ACLU of Nevada is concerned about the privacy implications of this new scanning system.

DOJ Discloses Records of Using Nevadans' Cell Phones as Tracking Devices

In 2007 the American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request for records of using Americans' cell phones to to pinpoint their locations, sometimes without a warrant or any court oversight. After six months, when no records were received from the U.S. Department of Justice, the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit urging a federal court to order the DOJ to turn over the records.

Automatic DNA Collection Bill Dies in Committee

The bill requiring automatic DNA collection of arrestees died in committee on Monday evening. Assembly Bill 552 would have mandated collection of DNA from anyone arrested for a felony, whether or not DNA is necessary to investigate the crime, and whether or not the individual is ever charged or convicted of the crime.

Big Brother is watching you in Henderson

Big Brother has been spotted in the City of Henderson.

The Henderson City Council has passed a motion to allow for the expenditure of $160,000 in hard earned tax payer money to implement Automated License Plate Recognition Systems (ALPRs) as a means of enforcing traffic laws throughout the city. The ACLU of Nevada is strongly opposed to the use of ALPRs due to a plethora of potential civil rights violations and has submitted written testimony to the Henderson City Council voicing our concern for legislation that is in our opinion, a blatant violation of civil liberties. 

REAL ID Victory! At Least For Now….

In a major victory for privacy rights, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has stopped issuing REAL ID-compliant identification cards and licenses. After multiple hearings with strong public opposition, the issue was not re-agendized for permanent approval.


Amid much controversy, the pressure continues to build against making REAL ID permanent in Nevada. The Legislative Committee to Review Regulations may be at its breaking point - but we need your help! Please call or email members of the Subcommittee, in addition to your own Senator and Assemblyperson, to urge them to vote against extending REAL ID in Nevada.

REAL ID Redux - Don’t Give Up Yet!!

Due to increasing pressure from constituents, the Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Review Regulations refused to consider the Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) proposed regulation to make REAL ID permanent in Nevada. Instead, the DMV agreed to present a new version of the regulation this Friday, April 23rd at 9am that would give Nevadans the opportunity to choose between REAL ID-compliant or non-compliant identification cards.


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