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ACLU of Nevada Responds to Evidence of Improper Stops in West Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is alarmed by reports of racial profiling and police harassment by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in the West Las Vegas neighborhood. Recently discovered testimony by a Metro police officer from a federal evidentiary hearing held in August 2009 supports claims that Metro officers “manufacture” offenses such as jaywalking and improperly stop people walking the streets of West Las Vegas.

La ACLU de Nevada Busca los Registros Acerca de la Colección de Información por la FBI Sobre Raza y Origen Étnico

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La Unión Americana de Libertades Civiles (ACLU, por sus siglas en inglés) hoy le esta pidiendo a la FBI que entregue los datos relacionados con la colección y uso de información sobre la raza y origen étnico en comunidades locales. Aunque el uso de datos sobre raza y origen étnico puede ayudar en disminuir la discriminación, los atentos por la FBI para coleccionar y trazar datos sobre raza puede ser una invitación para la discriminación por perfil racial. La ACLU ha cuestionado esta práctica por todo el país.

UPDATE: Nevada "Show Me Your Papers" Initiative Falters, Arizona Law Challenged

-Nevada Challenge Update

The proposed Nevada ballot initiative that would bring portions of the contentious Arizona S.B. 1070 immigration law to Nevada may be on its last legs.

Jones Vargas, a Las Vegas law firm has filed a complaint with the Nevada secretary of state on Tuesday alleging that the initiative’s ballot advocacy group (BAG) has not provided a valid address for its resident agent, a violation of Nevada law.

As Holiday Weekend Approaches, ACLU of Nevada Issues Alert To State Residents Traveling To Arizona

In response to civil liberties threats caused by the recent passage of Arizona’s racial profiling law, the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada issued a travel alert today informing Nevada residents of their rights when stopped by law enforcement when traveling in Arizona. The unconstitutional law, known as SB 1070, requires law enforcement agents to demand "papers" from people they stop who they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S. If individuals are unable to prove to officers that they are permitted to be in the U.S., they may be subject to warrantless arrest without any probable cause that they have committed a crime.

ACLU of Nevada Disappointed by Metro's Decision to Re-Sign 287(g) Agreement

On October 19, Metro announced its decision to renew its 287(g) Agreement with ICE. The ACLU of Nevada is disappointed by this decision and are additionally concerned that the new agreement reduces record keeping and public accountability.

ACLU-NV Applauds Mesquite for Dropping Plans for 287(g) Program

The ACLU of Nevada applauds the recent decision by the Mesquite Police Department’s not to enter into a 287(g) program. Mesquite would have become the second city in Nevada to implement a 287(g) program after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police signed onto the program in October 2008.


Burning Man has invited the ACLU of Nevada back to Black Rock City to act as legal observers. We are again teaming up with Lawyers for Burners to protect the rights of the citizens of and distribute “Know Your Rights” cards with information on constitutional rights and what individuals should do if they are stopped, questioned, or searched by the police.

Metro Responds to ACLUNV’s Public Records Request On 287(g)

On July 7, 2009, the ACLU of Nevada made a formal request under Nevada’s Public Records laws for information about the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's implementation of the 287(g) program. The ACLU of Nevada is seeking, among other things, racial arrest statistics for the 6 months before and after Metro commenced its 287(g) program. The goal is to determine whether there has been any change in arrests for certain offenses or if there has been any change in the arrest of certain racial groups.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Plan to Enforce Immigration Laws

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) recently entered into an agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Under the agreement, 287(g), Metro screens everyone booked into the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) to determine their immigration status, and then can refer potential violators of federal administrative or criminal immigration regulations and laws to ICE.

Nevada Supreme Court Ruling Casts Doubt on Legality of Metro’s “Downtown Initiative”

On Monday, the Nevada Supreme Court issued a ruling suggesting that it shares the ACLU of Nevada’s concerns about the constitutionality of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department policy, the “"Downtown Area of Command Strategic Initiative.” Under the Downtown Initiative, people who have criminal records are arrested for minor infractions, while all others are just cited or ticketed. Although the order did not rule on the Downtown Initiative directly, it described the initiative as questionable.


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