Bill List for the 2013 Legislature

AB 104
Monitoring:  Revises provisions governing aliens unlawfully present in the United States.
AB 108   (An Improved Voting Standard for Adults Under a Guardianship)
Support:  Revises provisions relating to the eligibility to vote of certain persons.
AB 116   (Criminalizing Close Family for Aiding Offenders)
Oppose:  Existing law provides that anyone who harbors, conceals, or aids an offender after the commission of a crime is an accessory to the crime. Exemptions to being a criminal accessory are given to the offender’s husband or wife, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child and grandchild. This bill removes every person besides the husband or wife from that exemption.
AB 118
Monitoring:  Establishes the Legislative Open Meeting Law.
AB 120   (Subjecting Students to Unwanted Proselytizing at School)
Oppose:  The bill is an unnecessary and unconstitutional attempt to subject students to prayer and proselytizing at school events. It muddies long-established First Amendment law while claiming to clarify a student’s right to freely exercise their religion, including praying, expressing religious viewpoints, and distributing religious literature.
AB 133   (Suspicion-Based Strip Searches for Minor Offenses)
Support:  Makes various changes to criminal law. Rather than strip searching all arrestees, this bill requires strip and body cavity searches to be based on reasonable suspicion for juveniles and most non-violent misdemeanor adult arrestees.
AB 133   (Persecuting Workers over Immigration Status)
Oppose:  This bill is a flawed attempt to keep unauthorized immigrants from working in Nevada. This bill would waste taxpayer dollars and employer time, and many legal workers and small family businesses would lose or have difficulty finding work. At the same time, this legislation fails to address the true issues of contract underbidding and worker exploitation.
AB 160   (Narrowing Nevada’s Death Penalty)
Support:  Revises provisions governing the death penalty. If the jury in a death penalty case cannot reach a unanimous decision regarding the penalty, this bill would require the judge to enter a maximum sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, rather than death. This bill also tailors the list of aggravating circumstances which make a first degree homicide eligible for the death penalty.
AB 230   (Comprehensive Sex Education)
Support:  Requires that all school districts offer a comprehensive, age-appropriate and medically accurate sexuality education curriculum. Parents may opt their children out of this coursework without penalty.
AB 244   (Two Strikes, You’re Out Graffiti Bill)
Oppose:  This bill creates a "two strikes, you’re out" (formerly three strikes) law that will make it a category C felony for people who have three or more graffiti convictions, regardless of the value of the loss.   *Amended: Increases penalties further. Unless a greater penalty is provided by a specific statute, a person who has previously been convicted of a graffiti violation (a) Two or more times; or (b) That was punished as a felony, and who violates subsection 1, regardless of the value of the loss, is guilty of a category C felony.
AB 287
Monitoring:  Authorizes the involuntary court-ordered admission of certain persons with mental illness to programs of community-based or outpatient services under certain circumstances.
AB 316
Monitoring:  Revises provisions governing medical records.
AB 365
Monitoring:  Revises certain provisions relating to court interpreters.
AB 374
Monitoring:  Revises provisions relating to the authority of a board of county commissioners to regulate certain assemblies, events or activities.
AB 375   (Transgender Bathroom Bullying Bill)
Oppose:  AB375 requires public schools to discriminate against transgender and gender nonconforming students by asking for their papers before they shower or pee. This "separate, but equal" proposed bill puts them at risk for segregation, bullying, harassment, or assault. 
AB 402
Monitoring:  Provides for the legalization and taxation of marijuana.
AB 405   (Parental Notification Bill )
Oppose:  Under AB405, minors making personal reproductive choices would be required to notify a parent or obtain permission from a court beforehand. As a result, youths often face terrible consequences from abusive parents or find their decisions subject to the philosophical beliefs of a judge.
AB 48   (Creating a Category B Felony for Voter Fraud)
Oppose:  Makes various changes relating to elections.
AB 49   (Increasing Sales Tax to Fund Public Defense in Nevada)
Oppose:  Makes various changes relating to public defenders. Proposes increasing the sales tax to fund public defense in Nevada to a constitutionally acceptable level.
AB 49   (Creating an Overly Broad Crime of "Disseminating Intimate Images")
Oppose:  Creates a new crime of disseminating “intimate images” that will over-criminalize activities that could better be handled in the context of private personal relationships and civil litigation.
AB 56   (Increasing Penalties for Drug Offenses)
Monitoring:  Increases the penalty for the first offense of unlawfully selling a controlled substance to a minor.
AB 67
Monitoring:  Revises provisions relating to crimes.
AB 74   (Creating a Centralized Database of Licensed Public Notaries)
Support:  Establishes provisions governing document preparation services.
AB 97   (Earlier Notice of Being Charged as a Habitual Criminal)
Support:  Requires prosecutors to file a count of being a habitual criminal, habitual felon or habitually fraudulent felon within 30 days of the defendant’s arraignment, which is their first appearance in court. Currently, prosecutors can file such a count after the defendant is convicted, but before they are sentenced.
Bills that increase incarceration in NV   (Mass Incarceration)
Oppose:  Over 100 bills that impact mass incarceration were introduced during the 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature. Bills that criminalize Nevadans overshadowed “smart on crime” alternatives nearly two to one. The ACLU of Nevada created a report that gives a snapshot of these bills. Our Mass Incarceration Report serves as an illustration of our current political climate which favors the “tough on crime” philosophy that, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, values loss of liberty over proven alternatives to incarceration that keep our communities safe.  
Governor's Budget Item   (Building a New Death Chamber)
Oppose:  Governor Sandoval's budget proposes spending $860,000 to build a new death chamber at Ely State Prison. The current execution facility at Nevada State Prison in Carson City is out of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and was decommissioned in 2012.
JLWOP   (Ending Sentencing Juveniles to Life Without Parole)
Support:  Juvenile Life Without Parole is a sentence that guarantees that a juvenile offender will die in prison. The United States is the only country in the world that sentences our children to life in prison, and Nevada still has and uses this sentence. At a young age, children are able to learn from their mistakes and be rehabilitated if we give them that opportunity. Children are different than adults and their lives should not be thrown away.
SB 107   (Setting Limits on the Use of Solitary Confinement or Administrative Segregation)
Support:  Restricts the use of solitary confinement on persons in confinement. Sets statewide standards and limits on the use of solitary confinement (Administrative Segregation or Ad Seg) in prison.
SB 117
Monitoring:  Revises provisions governing the powers of the Department of Taxation.
SB 169   (Reducing the Waiting Period to Seal Records of Gross Misdemeanors)
Support:  Revises provisions governing criminal penalties. Reduces the time, from 7 years to 2 years, that a person convicted of a gross misdemeanor must wait before petitioning the court to have his or her record sealed.
SB 169   (Requiring Voters to Show ID at the Polls)
Oppose:  Voter ID laws require registered voters to show ID before they're allowed to vote. Exactly what they need to show varies. 
SB 175   (Expanding Nevada's "Kill at Will" Law)
Oppose:  Nevada is already a "Stand Your Ground" state, eliminating the duty to retreat in self-defense or in defense of your home, your property, or another person. SB 175 would expand Nevada's "Stand Your Ground" — or, more accurately, "Kill at Will" — law to include any occupied "vehicle which is self-propelled" when grand larceny of that vehicle might be taking place. 
SB 192   (Using Religion to Discriminate)
Oppose:  Enacts the Nevada Preservation of Religious Freedom Act to prohibit governmental entities from substantially burdening the exercise of religion. Although the bill claims to protect the free exercise of religion, it could actually allow individuals to ignore our laws and discriminate based on their religious beliefs. Legislators have exempted the bill from applying to our civil rights laws, which protect Nevadans from discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and housing.
SB 24   (Training on the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations)
Support:  Authorizes the Attorney General to establish a program to assist law enforcement personnel and prosecuting attorneys in complying with certain requirements of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.
SB 243   (DNA Collection before Charge or Conviction)
Oppose:  Revises provisions relating to genetic marker analysis. Requires DNA to be collected from any person arrested for a felony, whether or not the individual is charged or convicted or if DNA is necessary to investigate the crime.
SB 286
Monitoring:  Provides immunity from civil action under certain circumstances.
SB 303
Monitoring:  Provides for the issuance of driving privilege cards.
SB 33   (Criminalizing Consensual Sexual Acts in Prison)
Oppose:  Revises provisions governing voluntary sexual conduct between a prisoner and another person.
SB 365
Monitoring:  Establishes the crime of stolen valor.
SB 374
Monitoring:  Provides for the registration of nonprofit dispensaries authorized to dispense marijuana and products containing marijuana to persons authorized to engage in the medical use of marijuana.
SB 375
Monitoring:  Revises provisions relating to elections.
SB 388   (Equalizing the Age of Consent in Nevada)
Support:  Nevada law currently criminalizes sexual activity for same-sex partners between the ages of 16 to 18, while permitting the sexual activity for opposite-sex partners of the same age. This bill would repeal Nevada’s so-called “infamous crime against nature” statues and equalize the age of consent for both opposite- and same-sex sexual partners.
SB 40   (Filling Nevada Jails with Individuals Who Pose Little or No Threat to Public Safety)
Oppose:  SB 40 creates a new crimes related to gaming that will incarcerate individuals who pose little or no threat to public safety.
SB 410
Monitoring:  Revises provisions governing hypodermic devices.
SB 413
Monitoring:  Prohibits the employment of certain persons at adult entertainment establishments.
SB 457
Monitoring:  Revises provisions relating to certain city elections.
SB 63
Monitoring:  Revises provisions governing the administration of elections.
SB 74   (Improving Nevada’s Public Records Law)
Support:  Revises provisions relating to public records.
SB 89   (Drug Testing to Receive Public Assistance)
Oppose:  Revises provisions governing public assistance.
SJR 13   (Marriage Equality in Nevada)
Support:  Over a decade ago, Nevada citizens voted to amend the constitution to include that “only a marriage between a male and female person shall be recognized.” This resolution begins the process to repeal that constitutional amendment, paving the way for marriage equality in Nevada.